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SPLIT EARLOBE REPAIR:  Having lost numerous good earrings, I researched ear lobe repair and much to my amazement found Mr. Small and the Clinic in Sandymount. To say I am thrilled is an understatement, wonderful team, seamless procedure and spotless clinic. Best decision I ever made!   Anne-Marie, Wicklow

SPLIT EARLOBE REPAIR:  I am delighted with the results of my recent earlobe repair surgery.  Although it has not yet been two weeks, it has healed rapidly with only a faint line where the stitches were.  Holly, Dublin

OTOPLASTY:  I was considering having my Otoplasty procedure for a long time and was anxious before my first consultation at The Clinic. After meeting the staff and talking with Mr Small, I felt completely at ease.  On the day of my procedure the staff made me feel completely comfortable, which was fantastic!  During my recovery, the staff constantly checked on me and reassured me.  I would highly recommend The Clinic to anyone considering having a procedure!   Grace, Dublin 

UPPER & LOWER BLEPHAROPLASTY:  ‘5 Star treatment and result’.  For almost ten years I thought about and researched Blepharoplasty procedure and Surgeons.  I feel so lucky to have attended Mr Small for my surgery – Mr Small is ‘ the best of the best ‘.   I am so thrilled with the result. Wow!  Such an amazing transformation for me and a new beginning.  I have no hesitation in recommending The Clinic and Mr Small.  Diane, Dublin

UPPER BLEPHAROPLASTY:  My eye lids were hooded and I looked tired before I had an upper eye lid trim with Mr Small. The results of my surgery, I could not have been more pleased with, even better than I had hoped for as my eyes look so natural. I would not hesitate to have more procedures carried out by Mr Small.

LOWER BLEPHAROPLASTY:  I was so impressed with the level of advice and care I received from Mr Small and his team, before, during and after my Blepharoplasty procedure.

Mr Small proved himself to be an accomplished, proficient, patient, understanding and talented Surgeon who has given me back my confidence.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.

I have become a truly happy and confident person since my surgery and I have Mr Small to thank for that.  If I’d known how well I would be treated, how easy and quick the healing process would be and what the final results would look like, I’d have gone to Mr Small years ago!!!   Thank you Mr Small – you are a true gentleman and a genius!


Pre Eyebag Removal The Clinic Sandymount Green Dublin 4

Pre Eyebag Surgery – The Clinic, Sandymount Green, Dublin 4

Post Blepharoplasty The Clinic Sandymount Green Dublin

Post Eyebag Surgery – The Clinic, Sandymount Green, Dublin 4


Just a brief note in reference to the lesion you removed from my back recently, to say thank you for arranging it so promptly and the very neat job you did.  The wound healed perfectly with only a minimal scar.  I was very impressed by your kind and friendly manner.



I love my new nose. Thank you very much


RHINOPLASTY:  When I look in the mirror it puts a big smile on my face. I have a whole new lease of life all thanks to Mr Small. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Anna, Cork

RHINOPLASTY:  Dear Mr. Small. Thank you for all your good work. I love this new nose – thanks to you. The whole experience was so much easier than I expected thanks to your taking time to explain it all to me.


Dear Mr. Small

You have no idea how happy you have made me.  I will never forget it.  Thank you always.


Dear Mr. Small

Yet again thanks so much for your time, expertise and for looking after me so well.  I really appreciate it.  And thanks too to all your wonderful crew.


Dear Mr. Small

Just a note to thank you for your care and patience and to let you know how much I appreciate it.  You’re one of the good ones.