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Rhinoplasty Clinic Sandymount Green, Dublin 4

The Clinic, Sandymount Green, Dublin 4

The Clinic, 8 Sandymount Green provides surgical and non-surgical cosmetic, plastic and aesthetic procedures.  The surgical suite comprises a fully equipped operating theatre, recovery and sterilisation rooms.  The non-surgical suites offer anti-wrinkle treatments.  The Clinic has been designed as a health care facility where patients can enjoy the benefits of our services in a private and caring environment.

When you contact the Clinic, we will arrange a Consultation with Mr James Small, our specialist registered Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon. GMC  (General Medical Council)  Plastic surgery specialist registry number: 2654810.  Mr Small has been in public and private practice for over 25 years.  His private practices are in Dublin https://www.theclinicsandymountgreen.com and Belfast http://fitzwilliamclinic.com/meet-the-team/mr-james-o-small-frcs/.

Mr Small is on the Specialist Register for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of the Irish Medical Council.  He is also registered with The General Medical Council (U.K.).  He is a full member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (B.A.A.P.S.) and the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (B.A.P.R.A.S).  Mr Small obtained an honours medical degree from the National University of Ireland in Galway and a fellowship in Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

All  surgical Consultations will be with Mr  James Small who will carry out your procedure.  The initial Consultation will consist of a review of your medical history, clinical examination and a full discussion of your concerns and expectations.  The nature of any proposed treatment will be discussed in detail including the procedure, recovery time and any risks the procedure might entail.  Where appropriate, photographs will be taken to assist the discussion and written information is available about individual operations.

With regard to major or cosmetic procedures, the Consultation will take place well in advance of your proposed treatment, giving you ample time to make the right decision.  We allow for at least a 2-4 week ‘cooling off period’ between Consultation and surgery.

With regard to minor skin lesions such as moles and other skin lesions, it is possible to have the lesion excised in conjunction with the initial consultation, thus reducing the number of visits to the Clinic.

We offer patients understanding, time and professional advice in a confidential setting, assisting patients to make a fully informed decision regarding their procedure.  As part of our commitment to continuity of care, you will be cared for by your Consultant from the initial Consultation throughout your treatment and recovery period.  Post-operative care will be carried out by your Surgeon.


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