Split Ear Lobe Repair

Split Ear Lobe Repair

Split Earlobe repair is a relatively straightforward procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. The earlobe has a rich blood supply and heals quickly. The stitches are usually a combination of dissolving and non-dissolving. The latter are removed five to seven days following the procedure. If requested I re-pierce the lobe at the time of the repair and insert a sleeper / stud. Afterwards the sleeper is managed in a manner similar to that following a routine ear piercing.

Fees depend on the amount of cosmetic surgery required and the number of splits to be repaired. Fees are finalised at consultation with our specialist registered plastic surgeon. This procedure ( excluding piercing) can occasionally be covered by medical insurance. It is advised that you contact your medical insurance provider to ensure that you are covered under your existing policy. Earlobe repair is performed here in our operating theatre at The Clinic Sandymount Green.

Earlobe Reduction /  Earlobe Re-shaping prices  are determined at consultation depending on the specific nature of the correction,

The operation is performed as a Day Case Procedure under Local Anaesthetic.

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