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Non Surgical Treatments


Anti Wrinkle injections availalbe at The Clinic Sandymount  Green, Dublin

Anti Wrinkle Injections, Cosmetic Fillers, Fraxel™ Laser and Aluma Skin Tightening are non surgical treatments provided at The Clinic Sandymount Green, Dublin 4.

Wrinkle freezing injections are now the most common cosmetic procedure worldwide. .. Their great advantage is that with anti wrinkle injections and cosmetic fillers there is no downtime –

The treatment works satisfactorily if it is accurately injected into the small target facial muscles. A well trained specialist will have expert knowledge of facial anatomy and will therefore be able to inject the  solution precisely into the specific muscles.

There are many cases where non surgical treatments will not work or work satisfactorily, for example there are situations where only a surgical procedure (facelift) will achieve the desired effect. It is therefore important that your specialist has the required expertise and experience to advise you clearly and safely as to your best options.

Does It Hurt ?

The solution is injected through the finest needle available (32G), therefore the injections are not painful but they can sting. Local anaesthetic skin cream applied 30 minutes before treatment reduces the discomfort. Some individuals experience heaviness in the brow or a dull transient headache for a few days following the treatment. The vast majority do not experience any post treatment symptoms.

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