Beautician Fined for illegally performing Botox treatments

A recent court conviction and €6,000 fine of a ‘beautician’ for illegally performing Botox treatments demonstrates again the need for far more strict enforcement of medical treatments in this area.

The conviction was for unlawfully importing, advertising and administering the drug – which is usually injected into facial muscles and is subject to prescription control. The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons (IAPS) ( ) has repeatedly made representations to both the medical authorities and to politicians to tighten up the entire area of medical ‘beauty treatments’ that can, as the law stands, allow somebody with no training to inject fillers into the face.

Commenting, Dr. Margaret O’Donnell, President of IAPS said, “This scandal has gone on for far too long. “We have pointed out to an innocent public that is is not only beauticians doing injections,  but even doctors who call themselves ‘cosmeticsurgeon’ or similar names are confusing the public.  There have been cases of doctors without surgical qualifications, calling themselves ‘cosmetic surgeons’ and performing surgery on patients.  The only recognised training in this State for plastic surgery is that which leads to full registration on the Irish Medical Council’s register of Specialists in Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery. Any fully qualified plastic surgeon has done around 15 years of training, and he or she continues to train every year in an area of medicine that is evolving rapidly. Those doctors who do not have that training cannot appear on the Specialist Register claiming that training. That is what the public should look out for, but it’s also something the authorities should help with in trying to bring new clarity to who is trained in what. It’s rare enough in Ireland that professions want more regulation and not less. As medical doctors we do so in the hopes of avoiding further serious scandals and injuries to the general public

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