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Lip Fillers and Cosmetic Fillers

Dermal fillers are a range of synthetic or natural substances that are used for soft tissue augmentation. Dermal fillers can be used to smooth out unwanted, lines, wrinkles and folds, as well as restore and replace volume to facial features such as the cheeks and chin, and lips.

After Lip Filler

After Lip Filler


Juvéderm® ULTRA is a range of smooth consistency gels which are injected to restore volume, fill fine lines, wrinkles and folds and redefine lips.

Before Lip Filler

Before Lip Filler

The smooth consistency is due to its advanced formulation. Unlike other fillers Juvéderm® ULTRA is not granular which means that it is able to flow easily into the skin. This results in a smooth and natural appearance. Juvéderm® ULTRA contains a local anaesthetic, Lidocaine, which helps make the treatment process comfortable.

Juvéderm replaces lost volume and treats static facial lines by replenishing the natural hyaluronic acid content of the skin. As a result, a patient’s face will feel smoother and look younger with results lasting up to one year

 Juvederm Hydrate treatment is a new dermal filler from the Juvederm range. It has been produced to improve hydration, tone and elasticity of the skins surface. It is meant to restore the skin giving it a natural healthy glow by hydrating the skin from within. It is ideally used for treating the neck, face and hands but can also be used to plump out lines that are formed by dryness of the lip and to treat loose skin underneath the eyes.

Juvederm Ultra 2 (Ultra XC) erases moderate lines, especially those around the lips and corners of the eyes and those very close to the surface of the skin.. Juvederm ULTRA is a new hyaluronic acid dermal filler proven to last up to 12 months. It is the first of its kind to contain an anesthetic to make the experience more comfortable then ever!

Juvederm 4 (Hyaluronic acid) is the thickest of facial fillers, suitable for larger areas or deep wrinkling that need smoothing out.


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